We hope you and your kids enjoy a fun and interesting Christmas test!

Where does Santa Claus live? (1 correct answer)

  • In Finland in Lapland
  • At the North Pole
  • In Antarctica on the Glacier
  • At the South Pole

Santa Claus is called differently in different countries. Guess which 2 answers are wrong.

  • Santa claus
  • Sinterklaas
  • Yollupukki
  • Babbo-Natale
  • Zyuzya
  • Per — Noel
  • Amphilochius
  • Yultumte
  • Phaser
  • Christmas
  • Exacustodian
  • Yyuluvana
  • Shan Dan Laozhen
  • Kahand Papi

Who helps Santa Claus receive letters from children and make toys for them? (1 correct answer)

  • Gnomes
  • Hares
  • Elves
  • Squirrels

What kind of clothes does Santa Claus wear? Choose one correct answer from two options.

  • Wears a cap or a fur hat
  • Wears a long and fluffy beard or a short and curly beard
  • Wears gloves or mittens
  • Does he wear boots or felt boots
  • Wearing a long fur coat or a short jacket
  • Wears a wide cloth belt (sash) or a leather belt with a buckle
  • Does he wear a staff or not
  • Wearing glasses or not
  • Carrying or not carrying a bag of gifts

What does Santa Claus ride on? (1 correct answer)

  • Snowmobile
  • By ski
  • Sleigh ride
Who helps Santa Claus deliver gifts to children? (1 correct answer)
  • husky dogs
  • reindeer
  • white horses

How many reindeer help Santa Claus deliver gifts? (1 correct answer)

  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

Why is the reindeer Rudolph leading the reindeer in the harness? (1 correct answer)

  • He is the fastest
  • He is the bravest
  • Its glowing red nose illuminates the road like a flashlight

What needs to be done for Santa Claus to bring gifts? (3 correct answers)

  • Put a glass of Coca-Cola and a double hamburger near the tree
  • Leave a glass of milk and cookies under the tree
  • Put a wishlist and a red gift bag by the tree
  • Hang socks on the fireplace for gifts
  • Write a letter to Santa Claus about your cherished desire
How does Santa Claus come to the house to leave gifts? (2 correct answers)
  • Through the window
  • Through an underground passage
  • Through the chimney
  • Through the door

When does Santa Claus give gifts? (1 correct answer)

  • For Chinese New Year
  • For the old new year
  • New Year
  • At Christmas