Who are we?

  • Elves who help Santa Claus

What do we want?

  • We want to keep the magic of Christmas all over the world

What are we doing?

  • We give children gifts for Christmas

Where are we?

  • At the North Pole

How can you help us?

  • We help all kinds of people – hospitals, orphanages, shelters, and charitable organizations – to make their childhood dream come true – to receive the most coveted Christmas present. In addition, children write to Santa Claus on special sites, and we also try to fulfill their wishes. Today, not only do gifts have a certain price, but also delivery services around the world charge money for their services. You can make any donation to support our good cause. Becoming a member of the Santa Claus club, you can also count on a small gift from Santa (for this, be sure to provide your return information).

What makes this site unique?

  • Greenpeace is fighting to preserve a green planet, the Wildlife Protection Fund rescues forests and wild animals, charitable foundations raise money for operations for children … We are fulfilling children’s dreams, making this world a little better. Childhood cannot be bought, it is only one for each person. And we want it to be happy. All fewer people believe in the Christmas miracle, all fewer people believe in magic. Support spirit of christmas together with us and Santa Claus!

The site was created to tell about the traditions of Christmas, and the creation of the spirit of Christmas anywhere in the world