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Here you can write to Santa Claus and ask him to give you a gift. Be sure to include return …

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Welcome to the Official Store Santa Claus! This website of the real Santa-Claus, who gives presents!  
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The site was created to tell about the traditions of Christmas, and the creation of the spirit of Christmas anywhere …

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What do you know about Santa?

We hope you and your kids enjoy a fun and interesting Christmas test! Where does…

What Christmas songs are popular?

Most popular songs in Christmas are: Jingle Bells Dashing through the snow In a one-horse…

What language can you write letters to Santa Claus?

You can write letters in your native language. Santa Claus is able to read and…

Poems by famous poets dedicated to Christmas

Chrismas Card Verses May this Christmas be filled With happiness in all that you do…

You can help Santa Claus!

As you know, the magic of Santa Claus is that giving gifts at Christmas. Santa…
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