Where does Santa Claus live? (1 correct answer)

  • According to Americans, Santa Claus lives at the North Pole. This was first mentioned by the American artist Thomas Nast, who painted a series of funny pictures for children with funny scenes from the life of Santa. He talked about how Santa lives at the North Pole and keeps a book in which he writes down the good and bad deeds of children.

Santa Claus is called differently in different countries. Guess which 2 answers are wrong. Two incorrect answers:

  • Exacustodian and Amphilochius are Russian male names. All other names are real: Santa Claus (Santa Claus) — USA. Sinterklaas or Sintaklaas (Sinterklass) — (Netherlands / Holland) Yollupukki — (Finland) Babbo Natale — Italy Zyuzya — Belarus Pere Noel — France Jultomten — Sweden Phaser Christmas (Father Cristmas) — England Jouluvana — Estonia Shan Dan Laozhen — China Kahand Papi — Armenia.

Who helps Santa Claus receive letters from children and make toys for them? (1 correct answer)

  • Correct answer: Elves.
What kind of clothes does Santa Claus wear? Choose one correct answer from two options.
  • Right answers: Santa wears a cap. Santa wears a short and curly beard. Santa wears gloves. Santa wears boots. Santa wears a short jacket. Santa wears a leather belt with a buckle. Santa doesn’t carry a staff. Santa wears glasses. Santa carries a bag of gifts.
What does Santa Claus ride on? (1 correct answer)
  • Santa is on a sleigh.

Who helps Santa Claus deliver gifts to children? (1 correct answer)

  • Of course, Santa is helped to deliver gifts by magical flying deer harnessed to a sleigh.
What needs to be done for Santa Claus to bring gifts under the tree? (3 correct answers)
  • In order for Santa to bring gifts under the tree, you need to write a letter of your desire, leave a glass of milk and cookies under the tree and hang socks on the fireplace for gifts.

How does Santa Claus come to the house to leave gifts? (2 correct answers)

  • Santa enters the house through the chimney or through the window.
When does Santa Claus give gifts? (1 correct answer)
  • Santa Claus gives gifts for Catholic Christmas — December 25.

What plant should you kiss for Christmas? (1 correct answer)

  • under the mistletoe
What do elves wear on shoes? (1 correct answer)
  • bells

Santa always (1 correct answer)

  • plump and cheerful

They are white and fall from the sky at Christmas (1 correct answer)

  • snowflakes

We hope you and your kids enjoy a fun and interesting Christmas test!